Who are we?

Our story

Our two co-founders, Alphadio Olory-Togbe and Pierre-Henri Canonne, realised that a new concept was needed to bring the care of everyday clothes into the era of ecological transition and digital technology.

Together, they created the Lavoir Moderne, which offers a home laundry and dry-cleaning solution to provide you with the comfort you need by getting rid of the laundry chore.

Our Laundresses come to your home to collect your laundry, take it to our environmentally friendly and automated factory where it will be treated with the utmost care and finally your laundry is delivered to your home at a time of your choosing. Orders can be placed via our app: one click and a Laundress arrives at your door within 30 minutes of your request.

Our high technology allows us to offer the lowest prices on the market in our 2 treatment ranges, Classic and Tradition. We treat your laundry by the piece or by weight according to your needs.

Our mission

To launch the ecological transition of the daily laundry care of private individuals with a solution that is more practical, more qualitative and more economical than the solutions of the 20th century.

Our vision

To make life more pleasant with a daily laundry service accessible to as many people as possible, while reducing the environmental impact of the activity by a factor of ten.

Our Values


We are committed to protecting the environment for future generations


We face exciting challenges every day


We are at the heart of technological innovation


We are growing rapidly and are constantly looking for new talent