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The concept

Is the Lavoir Moderne a dry cleaner?

The Lavoir Moderne is more than a dry cleaner, it is the solution for the care of all your household linen: the Prêt-à-Ranger®.

By weight or by the piece, all your daily clothes are cared for ecologically in an environment that allows us to filter or recycle wash water and use low-impact CO2 energy.

By automating tedious tasks, we ensure the health of our boatmen, while offering you prices never before seen for this level of service.

Le Lavoir Moderne wants to replace your washing machine, either occasionally or permanently, because doing your laundry at home consumes a lot of energy and releases water loaded with detergent residues and microplastics into the environment.

The Lavoir Moderne is your practical, ecological and economical solution for a more pleasant and eco-responsible daily life.

How can you tell the difference between laundry by weight and laundry by the piece?

It is very simple:

Piecework" refers to clothes that you usually send to the dry cleaners. If you need to have your clothes stained or ironed, you should choose "piecework". Please note that some items can only be treated "by the piece": shirts, suits, anoraks, curtains, etc.

Weight" laundry includes everyday laundry items that you are used to treating in the machine. These are non-delicate items that do not require stain removal: T-shirts - Jeans - Polos - Sweaters - Underwear - Underwear - Sportswear - Shorts - Towels - Bathrobes - Sheets - Pillowcases - Duvet covers, ...

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order for orders dropped off and picked up at a pick-up point. For orders picked up and delivered at home, a minimum order of 20€ is charged.

Between 20 and 30€ of order, a delivery fee of 4€ is charged.

Where is the Lavoir Moderne?

We do not have a public reception point. Customer Service can be reached on 01 55 76 50 50 or by using the message service available in your customer area on the website or in the application.

From 1 January 2022, we will progressively serve all of our customers:

Paris and most of the Ile-de-France region. Click on our interactive map to see the relay points (Super, Hyper, Drive auto and Drive piéton) near your home. 

Home delivery
Paris, Levallois-Perret, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Boulogne-Billancourt and Issy-Les-Moulineaux. 

Until what time can you be served by the Lavoir?

Relay points
The service is available at the nearest relay point according to the usual opening hours of this point.

At home
Le Lavoir is at your service from 6pm to 10pm from Monday to Friday and on Saturday from 10am to 8pm.

At relay points and at home

Where are the Lavoir Moderne relay points?

Hypers, Supers, Car Drives and Pedestrian Drives throughout the Ile-de-France

E. Leclerc
Hypers, Supers, Car Drives and Pedestrian Drives throughout the Ile-de-France

Supermarkets throughout Ile-de-France

We're working to bring you much more so that the Ready to Store is at your fingertips wherever you are!

How long before the Laundromat arrives at home?

Our home pick-up or delivery service works like meal delivery: you ask for a Laundress and a few minutes later he arrives with his electric scooter specially designed to carry clothes on hangers or folded.

Our boatmen often arrive much faster than you expect: on average less than 15 minutes after your request and 30 minutes at the latest!

It is best to prepare your bag of dirty laundry before requesting a laundry pick-up, or to have arrived home before requesting a delivery.

What is the price of home pickup and delivery?

From 30€ of order, the withdrawal and the delivery at home are free.

Between 20 and 30€ of order, 4€ of expenses will be applied.

A minimum order of 20€ is charged for any home pickup/delivery.

I can't get my order back, how long can you keep it for free?

Relay points
Can't pick up your order on the day you originally planned? Please let us know as soon as you can and give us a new pick-up date. For practical reasons, your clothes will not remain in the relay point for more than a few days.

Home delivery
The delivery of your Prêt-à-Ranger® is possible without any further costs for 15 days after the notification of the available order. After this period, you will be charged €10 for delivery.

Linen treatment

What is Dry by Wind®?

This is our exclusive natural drying system. It allows us to dry your clothes without heat, using only the natural properties of the air.

These exceptional conditions keep your clothes fresh and beautiful, unlike a tumble dryer where heat and abrasion reduce the life expectancy of clothes.

Is it as clean as at home?

Just like in a hotel or restaurant, the laundry treated in our Green Factories is much cleaner than at home!

Hygiene is at the heart of the quality of the treatment of clothes at Le Lavoir Moderne. Our cleaning processes have a germicidal, bactericidal and virucidal power far greater than the best treatment done with a domestic machine.

How to request a stain removal?

No need to ask, we're here to help!

However, it is better to put a stained garment "by the piece" in the Tradition range rather than "by weight".

By weight, your laundry is not pre-stained. It is washed at 30°C, 40°C or 60°C, which is sufficient for most everyday soiling, but some stains or encrustations may not come out under these conditions and you may get back a garment that is not completely detached.

In contrast, "piecemeal" treatment includes pre-stain removal or even several successive treatments of different types to remove stubborn stains.

Who looks after the laundry entrusted to the Lavoir Moderne?

All the clothes you entrust to us are processed by the Laundress in our Green Factories of Prêt-à-Ranger® located in the suburban activity zone.

Do I have to sort my laundry before leaving it at the Laundromat?

Not at all! However, do separate laundry by the piece from laundry by weight.

In general, individuals sort their laundry into two categories: light and dark (you may be the exception who sorts it into four categories!).

In the Green Factories, our Washermen sort according to... 27 different categories of colour and material.

Why were some of my articles not processed by weight as I requested?

There are two possible reasons for this:

Shirts, Suits, Quilts, Blankets, etc.
These items cannot be processed by weight

Blouses, Dresses, Skirts, ...
If we consider them too delicate, these items may need to be treated "by the piece".

When our Laundromats sort your laundry, the items that cannot be processed "by weight" will be separated from the rest and will therefore be processed "by the piece". You will then be automatically invoiced at the corresponding rate.

How long does it take for my laundry to be ready?

Whatever the quantity of articles entrusted to the Lavoir Moderne, your laundry is ready within 72 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays).

An emergency? Indicate it on the website or the application when placing your order, or directly to your Laundromat. Please note that the 48-hour delivery time is increased by 10%.

Is my laundry damaged by the Lavoir Moderne treatment?

No. We sort your items for you. We prefer low temperatures for processing and use biodegradable products that are effective in these conditions.

Can we entrust the Lavoir Moderne with clothes that have already been washed, only to be ironed?

No, because to iron or straighten effectively, the laundry must be very damp. Our systems are therefore not suitable for dry laundry.

Moreover, washing the laundry at home first and then again in our Green Factories would be contrary to our aim of reducing environmental impact!

The burning questions

My Laundress is late!

Our measured punctuality is 93% (*) , and even 97% (*) on a range extended to 10 minutes of delay.

Unfortunately, however, it may happen that your Laundress has had a problem with his tour and that the delay generated is greater.

As soon as we are aware of this, our Customer Service department will contact you to let you know. If you can't wait, we will offer to reschedule you later that evening or the following day.

(*) measurements carried out in 2020 on 50,000 deliveries

I have been rebilled, why?

There are two possible reasons for this:

Shirts, Suits, Quilts, Blankets, etc.
These items cannot be processed by weight.

Blouses, Dresses, Skirts, ...
If we consider them too delicate, these items may need to be treated "by the piece". When our Laundromats sort your laundry, the items that cannot be treated by weight will be separated from the rest and will be treated by piecework. You will then be automatically invoiced at the corresponding rate.

I have been charged absence fees

If you are not present at the time of delivery, we will have to reschedule a delivery of your linen, so we charge an absence fee.

My clothes are always stained or badly ironed

Despite our vigilance, it is possible that this incident was not identified during our Quality Control and we are sorry for this. In this case, you just have to inform us using the contact form and we will organise after-sales service.

My garment has deteriorated

Our processes are constantly evolving to ensure that this situation does not arise, but unfortunately some cases could not be avoided. Please let us know using our contact form and we will arrange for after-sales service and repair your garment at our expense.

My garment cannot be returned to me, I want to be compensated

In very rare cases, your garment has been irreversibly damaged and cannot be returned. In this unfortunate situation, the Lavoir Moderne will of course compensate you according to the official guidelines of the FFPB (Fédération Française des Pressings et Blanchisseries) which can be consulted in our GTC.

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