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No time to read everything? Here is a short summary...

Delicate clothing

Thanks to our natural drying technology Dry by Wind, you can put even the most delicate items in the wash: t-shirts, delicate tops, oilcloth trousers or other delicate items.

Turn them over, however, to ensure that the decorative motifs are protected.

Feel free to put them on a piecemeal basis as well.

No need to sort

Don't sort your items! We will do it for you, according to our 27 sorting criteria, by material and by colour.

However, separate the piece from the weight. To see the list of items processed by piece and by weight, please consult the price list.

Did you make a mistake in sorting your items?

Suits, skirts, duvets, blankets, tablecloths... these items cannot be processed by weight.

When our Laundromats sort your laundry, items that cannot be processed by weight will be separated from the rest and will be processed individually.

Please note that shirts and some items listed by the piece cannot be processed by weight.

Empty your pockets and don't cut your labels

We already have plenty of pens, nickels and paper clips, so don't be without yours!

Please do not cut the care labels off your clothes: they allow our Laundromats to care for your clothes in the best possible way.

High value clothing

We recommend that valuable items be placed only by the piece and expressly advise against placing them by weight.

Underwear, socks

Underwear is treated by weight. If possible, separate your underwear from the rest of your laundry. 

Do not put your socks in a ball, upside down or in pairs: please put them fully unfolded and right side up in the laundry bag.

Is your article stained?

It is better to put on a stained garment by the piece rather than by weight. By weight, your laundry is not pre-stained.

It can be washed at 30°C, 40°C or 60°C, which is sufficient for most everyday soiling, but some stains or encrustations cannot be removed under these conditions.

The unit treatment, on the other hand, includes pre-stain removal or even several successive treatments of different types, in order to remove a stubborn stain.

Very dirty clothes, already wet or with animal hair?

Put these clothes in a separate bag to protect your other clothes.

Remove any loose dirt or rubbish before putting the clothes in your collection bag. No need to pre-wash, we will do it for you.

To get your clothes back completely free of animal hair, put them by the piece rather than by weight. Please note that we may have to refuse an order if the condition of the items is not compatible with our care methods.

Where treatment is nevertheless possible, a surcharge on the maintenance rate is applied to heavily soiled linen because it requires specific treatment.

Articles with leather insert

Items with synthetic skin inserts can be weighed. In the case of real skin, the item should be sold by the piece only.

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