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The revolution

The Lavoir Moderne is revolutionising the care of daily laundry. 

In contrast to home cleaning, which uses a lot of energy and generates a very high environmental impact through waste water, our method is to group the cleaning of clothes in Green Factories.

They allow the use of low carbon energy and the filtration/recycling of wash water to eliminate the emission of microplastics into the environment.

Practical and economical

The service is accessible to the greatest number of people thanks to very low prices, made possible by a high level of production automation.

The gains in productivity and quality, compared to artisanal and do-it-yourself maintenance, are considerable.

The service is available in relay points and home delivery.


The environment as a priority

Founded in 2012, the Lavoir Moderne has its own laundry processing units, which distinguishes it from uberized platforms.

By directing most of our resources towards the design of a new, more virtuous and environmentally friendly model for clothing care, we have made the choice to aim for a long-term radical change in the daily lives of individuals.

Vertical integration

Le Lavoir Moderne is the only company in the sector able to offer a low environmental impact, a high level of productivity allowing low prices, the integration of digital in all layers of the company and the collection and express delivery in relay point or at home without appointment.


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